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Monarch Title Services understands your needs and the importance of timely communication in the Mortgage industry! There are many changes happening in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry and we are here to help you with solutions for timely disclosure of closing fees, preparation of the Closing Disclosure or Settlement Statement and many other services to help you stay focused on closing more loans. Our superior communication will give you confidence that once we receive your Title Order, we will be there every step of the way, assisting you and your client in a courteous and professional manner. The end result for you is smooth closings and happy customers.


We have the experience and knowledge to handle your title requests with the following features, services and much more:

LOW COST REFINANCE CLOSINGS – Call or e-mail for a full fee quote
We Close ANYWHERE / ANYTIME (Pre-Signing, Out of Office, Out of State)
QUICK Title Clearing, payoff ordering, etc.
Lender’s Title Insurance
Current Owner Title Searches and many other types of Title Research available
Tax Information Retrieval
Construction Loan Services including Escrow and Draw Disbursements
Limited Lien Reports
Document Filing/Recording Services
Courtesy Closing and Notary Services
Online Order Entry
Online Title Premium Calculator
See Homeowners page for easy ways to address your client’s questions about closing
Reissue Rate for Title Insurance
Co-Op Marketing Programs
Please contact our Office or your Representative for additional information or explanation of any of these items! We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our products and tools with you!

LINKS: – Ohio Mortgage Bankers Assoc. – Directory of all Ohio Auditors sites.